Company Verification

How to Verify Vendors Company

At first, vendors need to submit their company information from Vendor Dashboard–> Settings–> Verification. There, they will find the Company Verification option. Click on the Start Verification option.

company verification

When vendors click on the Start Verification button, they will see a option to upload files.

upload files

Now, you can upload multiple files or they can upload only one file that contains their company’s information.

The company information file must include identifying business information such as an EIN.

After uploading the file click on the Submit button.


After submitting, you will see a message that the verification is awaiting approval.

awaiting approval

Vendors will be able to see whether the request is approved in the Verification section.

Verification approved


Vendors cannot update their company information at Vendor Dashboard–> Settings after the admin has approved the company verification request.

company information

The information field will be disabled if the admin approves the company verification request. But if the request is rejected then the field will not be disabled.