Product Add-ons

How Vendors Can Create Product Addons

So far we have seen how to create product addons and use it. But that is from a vendors point of view. Now, let us see how a vendor can create product addons.

Go to vendor dashboard. Click on Settings.

Settings option for vendor

Now click on Addons.

Addoons option for vendor

After that, click on Create New Addon

create new addon

After that, the vendor will get all the options previously discussed for creating Product Addon. You can see that from the below GIF. Lastly, click on Publish to finish.

vendors Addons GIF

That is it for vendor creating Product Addon.

Note: For the customers, they have to click on the product to get the Addons option.

Product Addon

Creating Addons For Individual Products

So far, the addons we have created was global addons. That means that addon was applicable to all the products. But there is an option for creating addons for an individual product as well.

To do that, just go to the Edit page of the product. Then scroll down. you will find the Addon option. There you will find the Addon option. Edit those options to make an individual addon for that particular product.

Product Addon Individual