Product Description/Template

When creating a new product, creating an amazing short description and description is vital to closing the sale!

The “short description” block should be used to display the features of your product or something short that will get your potential customers attention.

Example short description template:

  • Made in the USA from high quality materials, sourced right here at home!
  • Long lasting battery, 10 year lifespan
  • Super soft and comfortable to the touch
  • The best 4-layer filtration available
  • Indicator light lets you know when it needs to be replaced
  • Lifetime warranty

The bigger “description” block should be used to tell your customers everything they could possibly need to know about your product.

Example Product Description Templates

Template #1: The “Ideal You” Template

Have you _______________? (struggle)

Learn to ___ (key takeaway to overcome struggle)

without ___ (pain and/or challenge).

(Product name) __

is __ (product benefits).


Have you failed at starting a business or failed at trying? Learn to find the right idea and start a profitable business you’ll enjoy without spending more money. How to Make a $1,000 a Month Business is interactive and designed for action.

Template #2: The “Perfect For” Template

Perfect for _______________ (ideal situation),

these ___ (product name)

can be/will ___ (tell a quick story).

(Product name) __

are __ (top features)

to ___ (product benefits).

No more _________ (pain and/or challenge).


Perfect for weekend getaways in the mountains, these Mighty Camper Cups will bring you and your friends or loved ones closer together around a campfire. Exactly what mountain trips were made for! Our Mighty Camper Cups are sturdy and built just for you with insulated fibers to ensure that your hot cocoa stays hot and your iced tea stays iced. No more crying over spilled milk!

Template 3: The “I’ve Been In Your Shoes” Template

I created _____ (your product)

when I was ____ (describe yourself before you created a solution)

and __________ (pain or frustration).

I wanted _________ (best case scenario).

That’s why I created _________ (product name)

with _______ (top features).

Now I ___________ (product solution)


I created Puppy Paws when I was living in the city and was struggling to find a way to keep my puppy’s feet warm in the cold winter snow. I wanted my puppy to love the outdoors in the winter and love me in the process. That’s why I created Puppy Paws with authentic, fair-trade leather and faux fur that’s completely waterproof. Now I never have to worry about my puppy’s paws again and she loves the winter!