Our Amerili Mission

In a world with so many low quality options, we aim to be THE one stop American shop for all buying and selling needs. We specialize in products that are Made in the USA, as well as the fair treatment of all of our customers, vendors, and employees.

Why Support American Made?

Does buying American really help anyone? Can anyone tell me why I should buy American-Made products? Why not just buy cheaper products from other countries? These are all common questions among people that might be willing to start doing their part, and we have the answers to these questions below.
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A majority of foreign consumers prefer to buy products that are made right here in the USA. Why? American Made products are often associated with higher quality and safer materials, and this is not a coincidence. They are normally produced with the best quality materials and have a high manufacturing standard driven by free market competition. American products are built to last. 
When jobs go overseas they rarely ever return and in doing so affect our job opportunities and wages. Buying products that are Made in the USA supports job growth within our communities and promotes healthy wage increase. The more our businesses can flourish, the more you flourish with it.
One reason why it is cheaper for products to be manufactured in foreign countries is because they have no regulations on environmental impact. Their factories produce huge amounts of hazardous materials that pollute the water, the land, and the air. Have you ever been to one of those countries (let’s say China), looked up and been able to see the sky? Yeah, neither have they. Another reason why buying American would be better is because shipping products overseas also pollutes the environment every step of the way. Every little bit spent on American-Made products help to protect our environment and make the lives of future generations better. 
In many other nations, their labor standards are inadequate, unenforced, and undermine the concept of “fair and free trade”. By buying American, you are not only supporting our nations workers and manufacturing, but you are supporting safe working conditions, workers rights, fair wages, and ethical production. Buying American is an easy way to show your support for higher worldly working standards and the protection of human rights.
American government tends to spend money that it doesn’t have. When you buy products that are Made in the USA, your money helps and supports American jobs and companies, ultimately supporting our local economies and helping America out of it’s debt. Much of our money already goes to countries that are not friendly to US, so why do they need any more? Buying American increases the demand for American Made products, which increases opportunity here at home. 
Many foreign countries have very shoddy practices when it comes to the production of their goods. In addition to poor production standards, many of those production processes use materials that have been deemed as unsafe or toxic. When you buy American, you can rest assured that the products you buy conform to the American consumer protection laws and safety standards.

Investing in products made in the U.S.A, not only secures the future of the businesses within our country, it returns your hard-earned money back into the hands of our communities instead of other foreign nations.

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