Vacation Mode

How to turn on vacation mode

When you want to go to vacation or just want to turn off your store publicly, you can turn on vacation mode by going to your Vendor Dashboard → Settings → Store.

Scroll down until you see Go to Vacation. Mark the check box and type a custom message in the Set Vacation Message text box. What you type here will show up as a notice on top of your public store as long as the Vacation mode is turned on. Click Update Settings button to save changes and turn on vacation mode.

Vendor VacationTurning on vendor vacation mode

How to turn off vacation mode

Simply go to Vendor Dashboard >Settings and uncheck Go to Vacation, then click Update Settings. This will turn off the vacation mode and return all your products to public viewing.

Automatic vacation

If you’d rather turn on vacation mode and turn it off after a certain time, you can set the vacation mode start and end date. Go to Vendor Dashboard>Settings, Check Go to Vacation, and choose Date Wise Close from the drop-down menu next to Closing Style.

AutomaticTurning on automatic vacation

You may set multiple vacation dates. Here is how the multiple vacation lists look like: