Set-up Shipping and Rates

To set-up shipping for your store

Click on the Settings option from the vendor dashboard.

vendor settings

Now, click on the Shipping option.


Here you can find the Shipping Zones created by the admin. Click on the Edit option of the zone you would like to use. If you do not wish to use a zone, then leave the zone without any shipping methods or disable them.

edit shipping zone

There you need to add the shipping method. Click on the Add Shipping Method button.

add shipping method_vendor

You will find the methods that the admin has selected from the backend. From there you can select the Table Rate shipping method.

Choose table rate shipping_vendor

After the Zone settings are saved successfully, you need to edit the shipping method to set their respective rules.

edit table rate shipping method_vendor

On the next page, you will find different fields for setting up their shipping rules.

  • Method Title Name of shipping method displayed to customers. For example, 1st Class and 2nd Class, if there are two methods for a zone.
  • Tax Status — Define whether or not tax is applicable for the shipping amount.
  • Tax included in shipping costs — Define whether the shipping costs defines in the table are inclusive or exclusive of taxes.
  • Handling Fee — Additional fee. Can be a fixed amount (2.50) or leave blank for no handling fee. You can set a fixed price for packaging or labor costs.
  • Maximum Shipping Cost — Can assign a maximum cost to a method. For example, if you set the price at $2000, even the shipping cost is $2500, but it will still show $2000.
  • Per order – calculates shipping for the entire cart. If there are varying shipping classes in the customer’s cart, the class with the highest priority will be used.
  • Calculated rates per item – calculates the rate by checking each item in the customer’s basket against the table of rates.
  • Calculated rates per line – looks at each line in the basket and checks that against the table. Multiple of the same item are on the same line, so the customer will only be charged once for multiples of the same item.
  • Calculated rates per shipping class – each shipping class in your basket is totaled and offered at a final rate.
calculation type
  • Handling fees per Order/Item/Line Item/Class: Add a flat additional fee to the cost of each calculated item or whole order, per class, per line item.
  • Minimum cost per Order/Item/Line Item/Class : Set the minimum cost per calculated item each calculated item or whole order, per class, per line item.
  • Maximum cost per item Order/Item/Line Item/Class: Set the maximum cost per calculated item each calculated item or whole order, per class, per line item.
general settings