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The Future of Buying American-Made

Why Choose Amerili?

  • Low cost commission of 8%, compared to competitors costs of upwards of 9-20%. Also no payment processing fee for our sellers!
  • No foreign competition for your business!!!
  • We collect Sales Tax from purchases on Amerili and file them for you.
  • More product sales from increased avenues of customer traffic! 
  • Part of Amerili’s profit goes to charities in our communities, so you can feel good about partnering with US.
  • We provide a 5% discount to our nations heroes, making them more likely to shop with vendors like you!
  • Automatic withdrawals to your business bank account.

Product Requirements

The materials used for your products must be more than the minimum percentage of material sourced from the United States, as described in our Made in the USA standard. The Product must also be manufactured in the United States, and be FTC “Made in the USA” standard compliant.

Need more info on the required FTC standard?

Once you register as a vendor, we will contact you for more information and further instructions to verify that you are a proper representative of your business, and that your products meet the minimum required American-Made standard.

Have Questions About Selling With Amerili? We Have Answers

No Payment Processing Fee

Unfortunately, collecting and processing payments from customers is never free. In order to support our American-Made vendors, we have decided to take care of the processing fee for them. This does not increase the cost of the product for the customer or increase the fee charged to the vendor, but rather decreases the amount that Amerili receives for its services.
From Amerili to our Vendors; We’re here for you, we believe in you!
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